Eter is the swedish word for the finest form of matter.

And also,

A swedish non-profit organisation, focusing on interesting art and music from different perspectives.

Eter’s music releases contain all from acoustic music to experimental,electronic, ambient, folk, field recordings, spoken word and much more.

Eter, combines visual and non-visual art in limited editions.

Since Eter is non-profit, all the money stays within the organisation, providing finance for next release, and by this way artists and musicians are helping each other to get their work public.

The sublabel "Inside & Inbetween" focuses on rythmic grooves within the atmospheric realm and it's output is mainly done digitally.



Click here to visit the Press Edition, for high res photos and sound previews.



Eter is run by Rasmus Alkestrand, Magnus Johansson and Emil Breman.
Design work is done by Tasch Design Studio.
All eter releases can be found at The Sepia Store.


Demos & Contact.
Eter is happily accepting demos, but only in digital format.
Please upload your work at Sendspace, for example, and send an email to info (at) eterrecords (dot)com.